Joyce Iacono
My name is Joyce Iacono
I have a profound love of art in its many forms. My appreciation stems from the solace and focus I feel when creating a piece. It’s powerful.  
When creating, I don’t always set out with a specific end result in mind.  My inspiration stems from the experience; a feeling, a picture, a moment in time or simply an object or even the season.  Through this, I express my vision on the canvas using varied acrylic mixed media technics or a more classical representation of it. I find this to be a very free form way of expression resulting in daring abstract or semi-abstract paintings. 

Although painting for me is a free form of expression, I step back during the creation process to visualize a balance of color, tone and composition before considering a painting complete.  Developing the canvas allows me to continuously explore new ways of creating a piece and takes me out of my comfort zone.